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My poetics is inseparable from rhythm and ritual, and my influences are not only the writers I've studied in and around grad school but also an array of others via forms more formatively and obliquely ingrained: the soul, funk, rock, disco, and classical music we listened to constantly in my house growing up, the regularly scheduled living room aerobics to MC Hammer and Bruce Springsteen, the zillion pirouettes—and the MJ spin and toe stand—I practiced on the 70s vinyl flooring in our basement, and the albums I've listened to on repeat as a kind of continuity while moving through many, disparate home towns and cities. 

Here's to working, wooing, and whatever it is you do with music and motion—but, above all, to more pleasure in the project. 

Stay Tuned

An always-in-progress collection of mixtapes. Links to Spotify providedas well as a quick description and track list for anybody using an alternate listening platform. Prompts (but no sure-fire promises) for future playlists welcome via my Contact page.

for Soft Apocalypse

Forthcoming in March 2023 via largehearted boy.

Fantastic Voyage

A let's-go playlist for 2023 and its myriad possibilities. We on a mission.

Keep Ya Head Up

Tupac cares, if don't nobody else care.

Sunday Morning

Classic and classical tracks for your (sacred and profane) Sunday variations.

Bad On You


Get Money


Throwback Maniac Workout / Living Room Aerobics


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